Glass Pendant - Galaxy 3D - 400 mm نجفة جلاكسى

Glass Pendant - Galaxy 3D - 400 mm نجفة جلاكسى

Suspension - Elektra دلاية الكترا

Suspension - Elektra دلاية الكترا

Glass pendant - 3D galaxy - 500 mm نجفة جلاكسى ثري دي

The Galaxy 3D suspension diffuses a particularly sumptuous lighting. It consists of a chromed metal base, a chrome glass shade, and glass pendants that perfectly diffuse the light because it is reflected in the pendants, which will spread throughout your room. Its 3D patterns give it a nice daytime design and diffuse effects of different colors on your walls at night.

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Glass pendant - 3D galaxy - 500 mm نجفة جلاكسى ثري دي


Technical characteristics :

Ideal for the dining room and with a diameter of 500 mm, the Galaxie 3D suspension, fits perfectly in a room of 20m² up to 30m². Its eight G.4 3W power LED bulbs give it the equivalent of a 240 W halogen power. Their warm white color (3000 K) will give your room a classy, cocooning and warm atmosphere. The Galaxie 3D suspension is guaranteed for three years, as well as our bulbs, the metal base does not rust and does not change color.

Most :

You can find different designs in the same range: plain smoked glass , 3D effect chromed glass, smoked glass with circles ... The Galaxie 3D suspension is also available in another dimension: 400 mm in diameter . You can harmonize the decoration of two rooms (dining room and living room for example) by adapting the size of the suspension to your room.


Very simple maintenance, you can clean this suspension with a simple dust cloth. However, be careful with the pendants of the suspension Galaxy 3D, which are resistant but still in glass.

Bulbs not provided

Product details

Color Product
8 * 3 Watt - 12 V
IP protection
IP 20
Color temperature
3000 K
500 mm
220 mm
9.3 Kg
3 years
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color No
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