Glass pendant - 3D galaxy - 500 mm نجفة  جلاكسى ثري دي

Glass pendant - 3D galaxy - 500 mm نجفة جلاكسى ثري دي

Suspension - Icon 3 نجفة ايكون

Suspension - Icon 3 نجفة ايكون

Suspension - Elektra دلاية الكترا

Our Elektra luminaire is a beautiful transparent glass suspension with a chromed base and many filaments. This model is composed of an E27 bulb holder. The Elektra suspension with its original bulb shape will bring your space of modernity, brightness and contemporary to your space.

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Suspension - Elektra دلاية الكترا


Technical characteristics:  The Elektra suspension is ideal for the living room but it can also be installed in a bedroom or an entrance hall. The Elektra suspension is designed for spaces of 10 - 12 m². The diameter of the suspension is: 28 CM. The main body is a harmonious form made of glass. Its use requires a light bulb.

More:  The Sharm Group offers products in the same range such as  table lamps  and  wall sconces  so that you can harmonize the living rooms and night of your home. Our Elektra suspension is guaranteed for three years as well as our bulbs. The metal parts are perfectly treated against rust, their color does not change over time.

Tips:  The maintenance of this suspension is very simple, you can clean it with a damp cloth but make sure to be delicate with the glass parts which despite their resistance, can break in case of major shocks. The designers of the Sharm Group have deeply thought to simplify the installation of all kinds of lighting. You do not need special tools to install our devices. Be sure to follow the steps in the order indicated on the manual and read the instructions carefully. If you do not know how to proceed, consult a qualified electrician. Proper wiring is essential for safe operation of this unit.


Supplied without bulbs

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28 CM
35 CM
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1 x E27
3 years
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